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One of the top Gilbert AZ dentists, Dr. Jones has been practicing dentistry for almost thirty years and has a reputation for providing quality care to patients in a friendly and comfortable environment, where the  staff works hard to ensure that patients not only receive the care they need but that their experiences are both positive and informative. Aside from the friendly and knowledgeable staff, San Tan Smiles also features the use of massage chairs for their patients, which helps to significantly relax a patient and minimize their anxiety while they receive treatment. Tooth colored fillings, cosmetic dentistry, same day emergency dental visits, intra-oral pictures and in-house dental plans are some of the services offered that help this dental practice stand out from other dental offices in the area.

Dr. Jones not only provides the latest treatments in dental technology, but he also believes in giving back to the community and has done so by providing dental services to underprivileged children each year, free of charge as well as participating in dental health month activities at local elementary schools. For many years Dr. Jones has also donated dental supplies to the highest dental clinic in the world, located in Nepal.

What Makes Dr. Jones One of the Top Gilbert AZ Dentists

San Tan Smiles treats patients of all ages and is able to provide a number of services such as preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, oral hygiene assessments and even emergency dental procedures. Same day service for dental emergencies is also offered to current patients.

San Tan Smiles knows not everyone can afford to have dental insurance, which is why they offer an in-house dental plan that functions like traditional dental insurance. A patient will pay a small annual fee, which will cover most of the services offered.
When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, San Tan Smiles is among only a few dental practices in the area that can offer you a number of services, whereas most practices will only be able to provide you with a referral. From Invisalign, crowns and Veneers to advanced teeth whitening treatments to dentures and partials, this Gilbert, AZ dentist is able to handle all of your cosmetic dentistry needs.

How to Qualify for Cosmetic Dental Procedures

To qualify for a cosmetic dental procedure a patient will need to have an oral assessment prior to receiving treatment, in order for the dentist to determine the best treatment path for a patient based on the condition and overall health of their teeth. During an assessment the dentist will look for abnormalities such as cavities, dental fractures and disease in order to determine if a patient will need to have certain procedures  performed such as root canals, dental fillings or other types of treatment before their teeth are deemed healthy enough to undergo certain cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or Veneer installation.

If you have been searching for a trustworthy and well respected dentist in Gilbert, AZ, San Tan Smiles and Dr. Jones are a perfect fit for you!

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Sent from Heaven ★★★★★
“I would travel around the world to return to Dr. Jones. I’ve only met one other professional that I would trust as much as him, and that was the orthodontist that recommended him. My smile and teeth are extremely important to me and without Dr. Jones, I wouldn’t have either one,due to a small accident to my mouth during a football game. He was able to save my teeth, and each day I am thankful that he was the dentist that was sent from heaven.”

JAA Phoenix

The Dentist in Gilbert You Hope You Can Find! ★★★★★
“My whole family saw Dr. Jones and was so comfortable with him and his staff. We had to move out of the area and will miss the confidence we found in his office. Now we are searching for a new dentist in our area and hope we can find a dentist who comes close to Dr. Jones’ manner and care. Highly recommended!” Clearly one of the best Dentists in the Area!

Heather B.

Best Dentist Ever! ★★★★★
Dr. Jones and his staff are amazing. In a sea of dentists that push bogus (and expensive) testing and procedures on their patients, you can trust Dr. Jones to treat you with integrity. Before seeing Dr. Jones, I had been going to a high profile dentist that wanted me to have cleanings every 3 months and routinely gave me a song and dance about needing that fancy gum cleaning that costs about $800. Frankly, I didn’t believe her. I flossed most days, didn’t have bleeding gums and my husband hadn’t mentioned any horrific bad breath (believe me, he would of had it been a problem). I decided to go see Dr. Jones and (shock) he said everything looked great- no procedures needed. I recently moved out of state but I visited his office one more time the day before I left and this time, did need to have a small cavity filled. He got me in that afternoon so it could be taken care of before my move. Thanks Dr. Jones!

Stephanie T.
Scottsdale, AZ

Five Stars for this Dentist! ★★★★★
I highly recommend San Tan Smiles! DR. Jones and the staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was given a shot that was nearly painless and had some reconstruction done on a tooth. Their was no pain and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. But wait, it gets even better. If you don’t have dental insurance or dental insurance that’s not very good, San Tan Smiles Family Dentistry has a very reasonable dental plan, similar to insurance. It’s actually better than my Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. You won’t be disappointed! I hope this helps someone! :) One of the most trustworthy and caring dentists!

Kit Turner

Customer Letter Sent in the Mail! ★★★★★
Dear Dr. Jones,
“…just wanted to send you a note letting you know how thrilled I am that you were able to re-glue my bridge and push it back in. My front teeth are the best they have been in quite a long time. What a relief. I thought you were going to have to take it out and I was going to have to get implants.
We all think you are just the best! Your concern and caring for your patients is unsurpassed.
Thank you so much for giving us all such good service. You are one in a million….”

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